Empty shops - high street eyesore…

So many homeless people, but no homeless seagulls


I did a scary Mickey…

An image of Cuba - rendered in Gouache

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Seagull doodles

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A video about me talking about my practice filmed by the delightful Chilli Bob

A fresh and creamy Pina Colada rendered in gouache.

Gouache paintings of a Mojito cocktail. You can’t say no to one of these in the summer…

I was commissioned to make a special and bespoke card in celebration of a golden wedding anniversary. It is customary to give golden roses or something gold. I know that this design had to be gold. I spent a long time researching typography and symbolic images trying to steer away from anything to twee and generic. I screen printed the design onto navy blue card and insert champagne coloured card inside – so it could be written on. I then secured the two pieces of card with 3mm satin ribbon. I’m pretty impressed with the result, so I hope the receiver is too!

Key Rings

These key rings were inspired by some drawings that I did of some ancient figurines that I saw in a museum in Cuba. I made them by using a small hand cut paper stencil and hand-printing them onto scraps of fabric. I then sewed the printed fabric and non-printed fabric together, stuffed them and did blanket stich around the outside. The threaded loop was plaited together using a fishtail plait. The element of the hand-made is a strong feature of this product.

Wall hangings

Theses hand printed/screen printed wall hangings were designed and inspired by Buddhist mandalas. I picked out elements of the Buddhist imagery and played around with size, placement and colour. Despite not all the prints being central, I think the colour ways work very well with the green dye – and it is hand printing after all…Ideally the hangings would work best on doors and strategically placed on walls. In my next series of prints I’d like to play around with more sporadic and random placement of shapes and pattern.

Tea Towel

This was an experiment piece as I had a few tea towels that I decided to dye purple along with some other fabric. Given that the tea towel is purple, the colours of the print do clash slightly, but the hints of brass printing medium work beautifully.

Hand printed cosmetic bags – Sewn together by me. The bag is lined with material from an old pillowcase.

I’ve been getting my sewing skills on recently and have made hand-dyed and hand printed bunting - an effective way to spruce up any festival tent! Definitely NOT your typical generic polka-dot and flower design